Guys: What made you admit something, especially cheating?

I'm in a relationship but my man has a problem and I'm willing to forgive him but I need him to admit it FIRST so I won't get fed up and we break up again and he comes crawling back b.c he can't get me out of his head. I've been keeping my cool lately but its the thought of what he is doing or may be doing is what gets me so that being said what exactly made you admit to doing wrong what trait did the woman have for you to do this how did she confront you about it?
he hasn't physically cheated he is just logging into his dating account profile after I've nicely asked him to delete it this is why we keep breaking up.
problem solved he deleted it and that's all I care about honestly


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  • I was in a relationship like this once. She cheated and the first two times I forgave her. Third time I kicked her ass to the curb. She begged for months but I thought about how she betrayed me and how much pain she caused me so it was easy to resist her begging.

    Your request is pointless. Who cares if he admits it? He cheated, that's all that matters. If a murderer walks into a police station and says "yep, I did it." Are they gonna say "well, we appreciate you telling us so just don't let it happen again"

    No, he'd still go to prison because he's guilty. My point, your boyfriend is still guilty even if he walks up to you and admits what he did.

    You're in a vicious circle and only you have the ability to hump out of it. He'll keep cheating and crawling back until you cut ties with him and tell him to go to hell.

    Harsh, but I hate cheaters and what I hate just as much is to see people forgive them.

    • He has bad intentions. He hasn't physically cheated as far as you know. It's possible he has. I stand by my answer.

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  • when a guy cheats its only the girls fault if she keeps taking him back..other wise it is his choice and if you took him back when he cheated the first time, what will stop him now? you dump him, he crawls back puts on the water works and you cave...then it all begins again.


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