Why is my ex constantly looking at me?

She broke up with me two weeks ago because apparently she wasn't ready for a relationship. But I just don't get it, she made me meet her parents 2 weeks before we broke up.

Anyway, I was out with a mate tonight and apparently, from him, she was staring a lot at me. Ever time he looked at her she was looking at me.

I've been in NO contact with her ever since the break up.

I do want her back, but does she? Is she regretting the break up?


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  • I thought you wanted to be with a new girl? Dear, why don't you just take a break and focus on yourself?

    • That's what I'm doing ... why did you even bother answering this lol ...

  • Didn't you literally just want to move to Paris to supposedly be with some girl you love? Dude make up your mind. Shit's getting annoying.

    • If it's annoying ... why did you even answer ... god some people hahahaha

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    • So why is it that every time I mention us (paris girl and me) being together she always says stuff like "LDR are too hard", "I'm not holding on hope that we'll be together", etc ...

      If she so happened to be in love or something with me why always do this and then go "I've been waiting for you all along"?!

      I really, really like her as you may have seen but I just don't where to go with this ... when do I tell her about this?

    • How about now? So that you'll get it over with and the both of you can move on. Being in an LDR is difficult and I can perfectly understand why she wouldn't want to do it, even though she really likes you.

  • Cause she hates your face.

    Really if a girl stares its because she wishes she was with you.

    So I don't know what her deal is.

    • Me neither lol.

      Could she be regretting the break up? Ima leave her to it though. I'm meant to be giving her space.

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    • I'm reporting you because your a sickening person.You don't even know how to speak to females no wonder why SHE DUMPED YOU.

    • Reporting me now? hahaha right, good luck with that one.

      Why are you still talking to me anyway.

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