Ladies what can I do?

I had a long and hard day at work today and it sucked. It felt good to have a hard working staff that kept thrusting back and forth to get the job done. Deep inside it felt like being all tied up with chains and put the group into a position to squeeze together and come up with a frolic plan.

Working hard and fast made it hot and humid. Which cause us to drip sweat and become very sweaty. My mouth was barely moist I hat to wet my tongue with a liquid drink. I licked my lips as I started to crave a pineapple juice. tasted so juicy I tried to gobble down as much as possible before the break was over.

When I came back from my break I looked at all the work we had to wallow in. It seemed too hard to swallow thinking as I entered my office again. My lips were sticky and wet from the juice . I lick them with a quick stroke of the tongue. I clear my throat as I came into the group.

I slammed the door because I felt it would bring me pleasure and it did. It was at the end of the day when we thought we were in a hole to find out that we had all this week to do it. I gave them all the finger and it felt good flicking them all off. The pus side of the story is that for the next few weeks , My hard working staff won't have too much to juggle when we come together now.

So what can I do now that I have almost two weeks of vacation time to make my woman happy?


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  • Go to Hawaii...and get a lei!

    • what it that suppose to do?

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    • I thought what is the point of this question? You work hard, are a bit of an ass to your employees, you like pineapple juice, you have vacation coming, you have a woman that you want to make happy.

    • They're not my employees we all work together

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  • Buy a fleshlight

    • why would I need one of those

    • you want me to get a fleshlight because, you used your dildo!


    • what did you think while reading it?

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