Why hasn't he called after I made the first move?

So I reached out to guy I haven't spoken to in years via email. He responds saying it was nice hearing from me and gives his number saying I should call him sometime. I reply with my number saying he can call if he likes. But he hasn't call, its been almost month now. Should I even bother waiting and call it quits or am I expected to call first?
It's been almost a month since I've given him my number. He recently asked someone about me so I figured it wouldn't hurt to reach out to him


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  • You said that you hadn't spoken to him in years...its possible that mayyyybe he is on your mind a lot more than you are on his? Could have just slipped his mind...or he could be busy...who knows! There could be a million explanations as to why he hasn't called. How long has it been since you have given him your number?

  • He's probably wondering the exact same about you.

    He made the first move.


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