What would cause a girl to suddenly break up with a guy?

I had this girlfriend and we seemed to be going well for about 7 months,

Towards the end of the 7 months she brought up how she wanted to sleep with me. She was always excited to see me and talk to me and she seemed very eager to sleep with me. So I ended up buying condoms and I planned to see her in a week. (we usually saw eachother once a week).

A few days before I was supposed to see her she seemed happy and excited to see me. The day before I saw her she said something came up and she'd be busy and had to cancel. I understood. The day I was supposed to see her she ended up texting me breaking up saying that she wasn't ready for a relationship.

I was just wondering what the sudden change in heart was.

P.s.: It wasn't like she felt pressured to sleep with me or anything if that was it. She said she was scared I might get angry if she changed her mind. My response was that I wouldn't and would understand and that changing her mind about it wouldn't be a huge deal.
Btw I asked this under the category of relationships and I'm unsure why it posted here


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  • I have no idea. You do have the right to ask her what brought the sudden change of heart. It was rather cowardly of her to break up with by text. You deserve to hear this from her directly.

    • I kinda thought that. I asked her about her sudden change of heart and she just said "Idk".

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    • The request didn't come through. I saw your comment and tried to add you as a friend. It appears to be blocked. Perhaps you hit the wrong option?

    • Darn I didn't think I actually blocked you. I went to click send a message but I accidentally hit the wrong thing sorry. I'm doing this from ipad I'll tru to unblock you. If you know how it might help.

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