Leaving him over his family?

I have been with my boyfriend for two years and I love him very much. He is my whole world. We've known each other for six years and he is my best friend.

His family, however, are the polar opposite. He has two sisters, both of which are married. I get along with his two sisters and their husbands just fine.

His parents however, are where the issue arises. It was apparent they did not like me from the minute he and I started dating.

For the four years we knew each other before we began to date they liked me just fine but as soon as we got together they became awkward.

Now his mother, after 2 years has finally started to warm up to me but she and his dad still make these comments that get under my skin and I'm a fairly thick skinned person.

I can take a joke, and all, but there comes a point where the jokes are rude and hurtful.

They constantly make comments about how I'm from the slums or how I'm a hick or a hillbilly and how I'm not cultured enough for the places they take me for dinner or whatever. And it just kind of hurts.

But the way they say it is right in that grey area where you don't know if you have enough right to be upset and they ARE my elders and I was raised not to talk back to my elders.

They joke about how I'm poor and dirty and it just gets tiring.

Especially since I'm not any of those things.

My family actually makes a similar amount of money that they do, and we're just as educated and I *do* shower lol.

They live in the suburbs and I live in the country, but I'm not like in a trailer park made of tin in the middle of a swamp.

It's all I can do not to snap at them when they make these remarks but I'm trying to be polite as possible.

I just...I don't know if I can handle their behavior in the long run and I just can't ask my boyfriend to abandon his family should we choose to get married.

I'm seriously contemplating leaving him but I don't want to but it just...the way his family treats me...like I'm beneath them and they act like their son pulled me from the gutters and they treat me like I'm some poor begger child their son dug up somewhere. Not to mention they don't take our relationship seriously at all.

I'm just fed up with it. The only thing keeping me around is that I love my boyfriend to the moon and back and he treats me fantastically and never insults my origins.

So...thus my problem.


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