He cheated/sexted once but never again?

Ladies: Have you ever been with a guy that has cheated once and never again? Or a guy that sexted another woman once and never again? Just wondering if that is even possible?


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  • unfortunately no, I've been with 2 guys that have cheated on me and both were multiple times

    one would flake, cheat for a week and dump me for someone else every few months and then get back with me when he was bored of the new girl by lying saying he had an epiphany and I was always the one (lame ik lol), I lost my virginity to that guy before any of the flaking started and the morning I left his house another girl yelled across the street "how many more have you brought back this week? this is the third girl I've seen" since then it went downhill, tbh it didn't register with me what she said as I thought she assumed female friends came to his house buthe broke down and admitted it when I got home

    the other one said he wouldn't cheat ever again but he was back to it a week after I forgave him. in the end I set up a honey trap after catching him 4 times with 4 different women and messaged him over a period of 3 months from the fake profile and he was constantly talking about sex and that he had regular 3 sums with other girls and told me about his profile on a swingers website, I went on it and there were comments rating him on his sexual performance from 20 girls in the past year :s

    i believe you can cheat once and never again if it was a genuine mistake (drunken or out of vulnerability) but I've never personally experienced it from a guy and I've never cheated myself

    • How did you find out the two guys cheated? Also, I am in a situation where my boyfriend of over a year sexted another girl. I confronted him and he said he would never do it again. I usually had a gut feeling when my ex's cheated on me. I have no gut feeling that my current boyfriend cheated but he did text this girl with flirty/dirty messages. Thoughts on if I should stay or go? Thanks!

    • most of the times I caught them red handed, one I did a honey trap to get definitive proof that the girls that messaged me werent lying, he also had a swingers profile with his picture and 'reviews' from girls he'd been with on it whove obviously met him irl to have sex so it wasn't a fake profile and the other the girl showed me her phone with his texts to her and called him infront of me to prove it and instigated phone sex which he reciprocated

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  • Once is enough. Its tough after you've been with someone for a while and have a lot invested in them to walk away, but its better now than later when you have even more time and effort invested.

    Its no mistake cheating on someone. Its intentional. Don't buy the apologies or them saying it won't happen again. If that were the case, why did it happen in the first place? You have to see the signs of a cheater, don't listen to their words but to their actions. They will do it again. Get out now is my advice.


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  • no I haven't. I don't date cheaters. even if it was just once

  • Yes once, and I have know a couple people who only cheated once but for the most part it was repeated a lot.


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