What to consider when moving out?

how much can I expect to pay each month when moving out into an apartment?

Everything to consider.


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  • Depends on your living arrangements. How many bedrooms? Will you have roommates? Are you gonna pay extra for cable and internet?

    I live in a SMALL 2-bedroom apartment with a roommate. My portion of the rent comes to $312, and my portion of the bills (including cable and internet) is anywhere between $70-$90 every month. When I moved in, I didn't have to pay a deposit because my roommate was already living here and her past roommates paid the deposit (it would've been $300). Groceries are maybe $20 a week, but I'm really cheap and the most expensive thing I ever buy is lunch meat haha.

    We became really good hoarders and got most of our furniture, appliances, and silverware for free (people we know were giving stuff away.. we were very lucky). Still, we paid $300 for our TV and our Xbox, and I paid my roommate's father $60 in gas money to drive his truck to my house and deliver my furniture.

    If you're thinking of moving out, my advice is to have at least a couple thousand dollars saved up first. And definitely get a roommate unless you can seriously afford to live without one.


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  • Really depends greatly on where you live, whether you want to live in the ghetto, how far you have to travel for work, how often you go out, things like that. Otherwise it's just a guess of $500-$4000 a month.

  • I would have a good few thousand saved up before you move out, that's what I'm going to do.

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  • Where do you live? An apartment in California can be expensive if you live here. Other places it's a fraction of the cost.

    You need to consider what neighborhood you want to live in, having a job, making sure the job is within a reasonable distance. Having money to not just pay rent but pay for water, heating, garbage, ect. On top of that you need money for food, and if the apartment you are looking for is not furnished you will need to buy furniture as well.

    • I live in michigan lol

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    • lol yeah its a cold one this year.

      I was just thinking about all other things to consider other then rent.

    • Yeah kind of why I am back in Cali for the time being.

      Well like I said if you have a job make sure it's within a drivable distance, and also figure in the costs of bills. Are you looking to rent an apartment or a house?

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