Ex Girlfriend wants to see me...?

so we broke up 2 months ago (I ended it due to her not knowing what she wanted after a ex came back into the picture)

so recently she have been calling me and texting me again, I guess she trying to start a friendship again. me being a nice guy decided to go see what is it that she wants instead of ignoring her. so after talking to her for a while she wants to meet up and go out to hang out (like we used to). to make matters even better, I think she finally accepted that she is the reason why our relationship failed. and might be trying to make up for that.

should I go and see what's up or should I tell her to **** off.

ima be real tho. I would honestly love to salvage what friendship we can have since she is/was a cool person before all the BS.
i forgot I asked this here lol. update time well when the day of the meeting came I went to play Basketball with my friends since I figured I have a better time there with them

she called the next day saying trying to see what's up and... remember when I said, "I think she finally accepted that she is the reason why our relationship failed." well it turns out she didn't. cause she tried to put the blame on the ex that came back into the picture instead of putting it on her self.
so when I heard that I knew right there there was no possible way I can even stand to want a friendship where blame for things can't be put on the right thing, and I told her to lose my number and don't contact me. pretty much letting her know she blew up.

not trying to come off as a hard ass. just being real.

thanks for all the answer/help guys


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  • First, don't lie to yourself and say you just want a friendship, we both know that's not true. You definitely still have feelings for her so your judgment is clouded.

    She had her chance and she completely ruined it. Her leaving you because an ex came back in the picture is the same thing as cheating. She saw someone that she might have liked a little bit better for a brief period and she dropped you. What's to say she won't do the same in the future? Move on. I'm sorry you had to go through that.


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  • I don't believe a friendship can last after sharing a romantic type love but that is my opinion. I think a small part of you want the relationship back as you had to end it for reasons that had to do with her behaviors.

    She may be reaching out to you because she realized that an ex is an ex for a reason. Now why don't you believe the same? Think about the future and not the past but do what you think will make you happy.

  • shes only talking to you because it fell through with the ex, she didn't know what she wanted and ended up with the wrong guy, if she truly loved you she wouldn't have done so and she's only back now because her ex acted the same as when they originally dated which is why he was an ex she probably thought he'd change or missed him and forgot about his bad points

    leave her, don't be a back up choice


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  • How do you know she's not with someone right now, and he is going through what you went through. Only this time you are the ex. Be carful some people are toxic, but are good at convincing us otherwise. Playing exes and current boyfriends are a classic tactic of a toxic woman. My advice is to go no contact with her. Act as though you never knew her, no phone calls, Facebook or anything.


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