Who is at fault, me or my dad?

So the problem is my dad and our disagreement about my girlfriend. She is the sweetest person ever. And she has never cheated or done nothing wrong to me. I care about her alot.

My dad on the other hand hates her when he never met her. He causes a huge argument and problem when I go out with her or any one else.

My dad wants me to leave her or else move out. by the way he has done this with every girl I've ever been with.

I'm 21

Who is wrong? And should I move out?


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  • He probably wishes that you were spending time on him, instead of time on some girl. It also might bother him that you are growing up. It's also possible that he has trouble with you being happy because he isn't happy with his own life. I think you should sit down and talk to him about it. I wouldn't necessarily move out, but if it's going to prevent you from having the future that you want, I would consider it.

    • I have sat him down and talked to him numerous times, but he just will not listen.

      He does not like it when I have a girlfriend or friends and ruins it. And then when I get mad, and disagree, he says that I am betraying him, because I am choosing them over his word.

      And its becoming too much.

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    • I guess I just feel like I don't have much of a social life, and he is the root.

    • If you want to message me privately on here, we can talk about it more.

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  • hes being controlling, he wants you to have as little excuse to leave the house as possible so you're always around to help him or be company for him

    • So is it a smart idea to move out?

    • if you have enough money to support yourself and can deal with your dad possibly guilt tripping you or giving you an ultimatum (if you leave don't ever come back). try not to be too resentful of him, I think deep down he still wishes you were his little boy and not grown up with a woman. he might be scared of you getting her pregnant and having your own family and he selfishly wants you to himself

  • He seems abusive. He's trying to control you and manipulate you with his words and threats. I'd move out if possible.

  • He has no place commenting on your relationships. They're your business.

    It's probably an insecurity thing if he's doing it without meeting them.

  • i think you should move out. You are an adult and can do whatever you want


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