Talked to ex, it was good but now I'm not sure what to do...

We broke up three months ago after two years together. We had (severe one might say) communication issues, we just have trouble opening up to people.

Yesterday we had a great talk. We were both very open (about our mistakes, feelings and other stuff) and told each other things the other didn't know and we were both surprised at how comfortable we were around each other, it wasn't awkward at all. She also apologized for the way she handled things in the end.

I can see she's changed, and she said I changed as well, I could see she was happy talking to me again. It also made me feel good...

I felt really great for the rest of the day, but today I miss her again and feel a bit down. Haven't felt this way for a while now and I'm not sure what to do...

We haven't talked about getting together but I know that she doesn't want to get into any relationship atm. and in the past she didn't want to give us another chance (she broke it off)


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  • Just let it go, it's over


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