Does she love me still?

Hello there! Sorry for my not-so-perfect English, I hope you still understand :)

Me (26) and my ex-girlfriend (21) broke up about one year ago. We were together 2 years, until I messed up... the break up was totally my fault, I became too controlling, jealous, clingy etc... I just lost myself in the relationship, which was great and we really had so great time together, everything was just SUPER! And before we got together, she spent almost one year chasing me, she was so in love with me... and yes, during our relationship, I fell too much love with her and that led to my over controlling jealous behaviour. She got a new boyfriend just two months ago from the break up, but she's been in contact every now and then. She said that we are "soul mates" and she doesn't know can she ever love anyone else like me, and her feelings are towards me but still... we are not together. Sometimes she calls me, sometimes she writes me long messages, reminisces the past, encourages me etc... I am not sure if she is still with her boyfriend or what she is doing, but today I got another sms:

"You are in my mind a lot. I don't get it... and you are in my dreams too... I still think about you a lot"...

Well, I have a new girlfriend and things are going just fine (I learned from my mistakes) and maybe she is even better. So I know my ex isn't the only one, but I admit sometimes I miss her and she IS very very special... pity that I messed it up.

So does she still love me and want me back? And what would be the best way to get her back? She can't continue this forever, she can't miss me forever and just reminisce our past...

I am confused. It's like she is sending mixed signals. Every now and then she misses me and then disappears for a week, and then again misses me and contacts me.

And the messages are not only "how are you?", they are full of romantic things.. for me it feels that she still loves me but there is just something which is stopping her. What is this? She wanted to break up with me, but still misses me and says she is thinking about me very much...


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  • I would tell her that you are in a relationship right now and as much as you love her as a friend, you'd appreciate if she stop messaging you for awhile. I think you two are what they call incompatible soul mates. You may always be special in each others lives, perhaps right now is the not the best time to pursue it. She could still love you yes, and I think she does, as a person, just like you love and respect her still..

  • doesn't sound like it


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