Girls advice needed, does spending all day every day with guy mean you like him as more than friends?

There's a girl I like and we work together and back in the summer we spent a lot of time together and I developed feelings, told her, she said she wasn't ready for anything and that she only saw me as a friend anyways. This confused me as she gets jealous of me with other girls and never gave me a definite answer if she liked me just that she wasn't sure and because I still live with my ex (nothing is going on) she was reluctant to be part of that scenario which was fair enough. After a while of backing off which was hard we now see each other again occasionally, text most days and see each other at work and she is having a rough time and confides in me a lot about her past and says she hasn't been able to tell anyone else what she shares with me. Last week there was a moment when she asked me to sit by her on her sofa and it felt like something could happen as it went awkward but I left as I don't want to go backwards. Now, the problem I have is that I do clearly still have feelings for her and as well as her spending time with me she also spends a lot of time with another guy, and I am talking every day and night on weekends and most nights for the cinema or meals, she always adds (as I don't ask) that she doesn't like him in a romantic way and that she could never have a relationship with him or see him as anything more than a friend but sees him a lot as she is lonely. The last part is true as she has no close friends besides me and this guy and I backed off a lot. Now, from a girls perspective am I being naive to think that a girl seeing a guy 24/7, shopping together most days and going to the cinema etc can be purely innocent because weirdly it doesn't make me jealous (honestly) but I just wonder to myself, why am I still bothering. I find it hard to back off completely after what she tells me about her, but I don't want to end up getting hurt if it turns out there is something happening with her and this guy. She invites me out with them also I should add but I find that a bit odd so I do my own thing with friends and occasionally go for a drink with them both and I get on well with him.


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  • It would probably mean insecurity more than anything else

    • You are right there she has major trust and insecurity issues.

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