What to do? I miss him so bad....it hurts

it's 17 days now without contacting with my ''ex'' I miss him so bad. I feel tempted to email him and ask if he still alive?, I recently visit his Facebook page and no update yet. it driven me crazy, I think the main reason I am struggling with No contact rule is because I really thought my ex would have got in touch with me by now, begging me to take him back but I was wrong I have not heard him in a while after we broke up. he do the same thing remain silence... its really hard I miss him... I feel he get back to my country and I feel sad cos he did not contact me about it. maybe he is happy now with his new girlfriend or maybe they get married now.


should I activate my fb again? and post something happy? I still cannot blocked him so I deactivated my Facebook for a while


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  • Reactivate your Facebook and post something happy & positive. I'm sure he's aware that you deactivated your FB because you were devastated over the way things turned out between the two of you. The best way to get him back is to continue the NO CONTACT while showing him you're able to go on with your life without him. Guarantee it will kill him (once he sees it) as much as the thought that he's done the same has been killing you! The only difference is (due to your FB deactivation) you're not showing him that you have moved on.

    • so shld I activate my Facebook? and post that I'm happy?

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  • Hes a male and we tend to keep things inside (men are stuborn) and chances are he will avoid you until he feels comfortable

    You said its been 17 days ... I hardly doubt that he has an new girlfriend that is serious and I'm positive he did not get married in the last 17 days.

    Reactive your FB and live your life ... getting past relationships take time !

    • can I pm you? I really wanted to have someone to talked about this guy

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    • I can only pm through Skype or IMO

    • i send youa friend request. my name is sexi rose

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  • YES... REACTIVATE YOURE FACEBOOK & POST SOMETHING POSITIVE! and by all means... PRETEND YOU'VE FORGOTTEN ABOUT HIM! At least give him that impression.


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