POLL: Guys - seeing an ex after breaking up...

If you saw your ex after a breakup, and she got hotter/skinnier/more desirable, would you approach her again?

Or, no matter how hot she is, once it's over, is it just over?

Real life stories welcome!

  • Nope - don't care how good she looks. Once done - it's done.
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  • Yeah - if she took better care of herself I'd go there
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  • Depends, if she gained weight/stopped taking care of herself in the relationship, then yes. If the breakup was due to other things, no
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  • I think it depends on how you guys broke up and how long/serious a relationship was the first time. I think a serious relationship that ends has a pretty poor chance of rekindling, no matter how attractive the ex has gotten since then.

    I broke up with a girlfriend in college who I had been going out with for nearly a year. I saw her again frequently (small university) and of course I thought she was more attractive than ever (lol) and part of me thought I made a mistake. A very small part. It was quickly quashed by sense and reason. We broke up for a reason, and even if she suddenly looked like a 20 year old Heidi Klum, those reasons were unchanged. And now with the additional baggage of the first break up? Not a chance.

    But if it was just a short term, non-serious thing, I suppose it could work.


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  • it depend on why things ended in the first place , if it was over something minor and now she's more desirable why not try and talk to her again . but if break up over serious issues might not be a good idea to try again

  • Since I wouldn't break up with her over looks it would depend on if her personality has changed at all or she's willing to work on the reasons why we broke up

  • It's over. I don't care how cute she is. over over over

  • If it's over it's over. Generally it's a failure in some non-physical manner so a physical change won't fix it.

  • I mean we can hookup but as far as patching up things is a no go.


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