Ex is interested in giving us a second chance?

I broke up with my ex about 5 months ago. He had a temper and we found ourselves in regular arguments, every week or 2 weeks. It was never physical, but he said some pretty hurtful comments. I was done with crying all the time and ended it.

The break up was rough, he took it very bad, but eventually we got to a point where we've been having the odd chat about how were both going, general things in our lives.

We talked the other night and he told me he'd be interested in giving things a second chance if I was ever willing. He says the time apart has been good, he's reflected a lot. He says he hasn't moved on at all, even though he's 'had opportunities' and still cares for me.

He says things don't feel dead between us, and if I'm honest I know I feel the same but at the same time I'm hesitant to give it another go as I don't want to fall back into what was. I know my family and friends would not be keen, as they where done with seeing me treated poorly.

What should I do? Should we just take things slow and give him a chance to show things can be better or just forget it and keep moving on?


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  • I would honestly say no. I have never been one to have a temper with my girlfriends, not to judge others but your family and friends not being keen on it probably means he isn't good for you. Family and friends care about you the most so I kinda like to go on their instinct as well as my own. I would say end things as nicely as possible and move on.


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  • I would not.

    Please move on.


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