Which of these racial stereotypes do people go out their way to debunk and why only those?

I see when it comes to seeing is there any truth in certain racial stereotypes, that people only pick and choose which ones to debunk. Here's a couple of examples

1.All Asians are highly intelligent and good at math.

2. All Black guys are well endowed

Now people will break their necks to prove those stereotypes aren't true, but other stereotypes they won't . Here's a few examples of racial stereotypes that no one breaks their neck to debunk.

1. Asians can't drive

2. All blacks are criminals, thugs, welfare recipients ,etc.

Can't think of any others. Thoughts?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Really?

    I know lots of black people who are not criminals, and seeing as they make more money then me, not on welfare...

    As for Asians, I only know one that doesn't have a driver's license.


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What Girls Said 2

  • i don't hear anyone saying the last 2

  • Because black people like to enforce the VERY few positive stereotypes that are tied to us. It gets annoying when we only get stereotypes like being uneducated, rude, poor, don't know our fathers, ghetto, etc.

    • I don't think blacks especially prominent blacks like to enforce the positives of black people . They love putting down the blacks . The black republicans get paid a lot to put down blacks and never say anything positive about black people.

What Guys Said 2

  • Please EXPLAIN to me what STEREOTYPES are? They don't just come from NOWHERE. Look up statistics African American are only 13% of the population yet commit over 85% of all crime! Wow.. Google it! Plus their music and culture is just beyond all depravity, why do people like you hide from the truth!? It's obviously true your don't need someone to tell you. And for Asians it is known that they are not very well at driving, sorry its life and its true.

  • At the same time that other groups protect those stereotypes about themselves and dismiss the bad ones. Why the picking and choosing on that too?


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