Should I tell him one final time?

i had a crush on my classmate all last school year. I finally told him on the last day of school. he responded really nice to it. he said he enjoyed getting to me and he wanted to get to know me more. we didn't talk all summer until two weeks before school started. and now that school has started we still have barely talked. granted we don't have any classes together his year so we honestly haven't gotten an opportunity.

I like him so much and I can't even explain why. my head says to move on because I'm just going to end up with a broken heart in the end. and my heart says to do whatever it takes to get him. but I don't want to waste this whole year (our senior year) going back and forth and getting excited over stupid trivial things that only happen once every two months. my friend says I should just tell him how I feel one last time so I can be at peace. I feel like if he did like me, he would definitely make it known. do you think I should? what would you do if you were me? help!


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  • Yeah, I'd say go for it. Or make more efforts to see him around. And hey, at least then you'll know where he's currently standing on it all.


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  • You should definitely go for it! Some guys like it when you make the first move because they are unsure of how you feel. If it were me, I would tell the guy.

  • I would just let it go.


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