GUYS: Why do men admit they like you then disappear?

Why does that happen? I had someone I met and we talked a bit, but got busy then he came back after about a month (I did not expect that) and we talked seriously for the next 2 months with one month where we were both busy again and then we picked up again, but then he began to get a little strange and then didn't reply when I wished him a good holiday with his family... I don't understand because he admitted he liked me, thought of us together, always wanted to "be with me" or "see me" (we live far so it wasn't that possible) and now he left again and I Haven't heard of him... I really liked him, and if he was honest about his intentions of liking me etc etc (he was ALWAYS the one until recently to initiate contact) do you think he will come back again when things settle down? He is leaving for work so it will be a few months before we see each other again, but at some point do you think he will come back? Or was it a lie? I always thought after 4-5 months of seriously talking as if we hoped to be more (both of us admitted it) then he wouldn't just drop off the face of the earth without an explination to me...

Also, if he said he would never take avantage of me and really wanted me to trust him, do you think this is weird? wouldn't he have wanted to tell me he wasn't interested or is this disappearance just a hiatus for him? Please fellow men out there help me out!:(((


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  • they don't want a relationship or met someone else

  • They think you don't feel the same way.

    • No they know I do... I told them I liked them before they ever did... Could he be distancing himself since he will be gone for so long?

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