I was moved by this video? What would you have done?

What would you have done in this situation?

hats off to all those people that intervened.


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  • Great video and concept, of course the guy acting took a risk that he wouldn't get his ass kicked, but the premise was good and it did make me think. I'd like to think I'd help, but the only way to know of course is being in that situation. I know for a fact I'd at least watch it from some safe distance to be a witness and that I'd yell at him, but I'd love to think I'd actually physically intercede... of course I'd want to, but to have the courage at that moment? Good question, it made me think.


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  • I would have stepped in physically, probably punch him straight of the bat, as I'm not a very heavy guy, and most likely wouldn't be able to just hold him off with strenght like some of the other people did.

    But in a more realistic setting I would probably have called the cops, as I don't wanna step in on a guy threatning someone with a knife or some other weapon, that would be rather dangerous.

    • Yes calling the police is the most sensible option.

    • It has a lot to do with the current situation, I would step in if I was pretty sure I would have managed it (like in the video) but in real life the odds are that the guy would use a weapon or simply outnumber, where a single person can't really do anything without taking too high risks

    • i agree with you but doing something rather than nothing is the best approach.

  • I'd just call the police.


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  • The video has good intentions, maybe their experiment could have been executed better but still, it's sad to see that there were more people who just completely ignored the situation than those who tried to step in and do something.

    But also it didn't really help that it was the guy playing the bully who tried to go up to people after their act was done, to tell them that it was just an experiment. If I saw a guy harassing and hurting someone in the street, who then tried to come up to me to talk or whatever I'd be out of there so fast, pepper spray in his eyes and maybe try to grab the victim in my escape. You just never know when someone's going to try to pull something on you, so in a way I don't really blame some of the people who just kept their heads down when he approached them to explain the experiment.

    Stepping into a bullying situation like that can be hard to do... if someone is being bullied and isn't standing up for themselves, that leads me to believe they have a decent reason to fear the person bullying them. You never know if that person is really strong, has a gun or other weapon, is violent in general, if they're drunk or on drugs, etc... in addition to the fact that they are clearly angry and thus most likely acting irrationally. I would look around for help/backup before jumping blindly into things. It really depends on the situation though.

  • Sadly, I probably wouldn't do anything but walk away and call the cops. I would NOT intervene, especially if the bully would be physically threatening like in the video. I'm sorry, but I would want to put my own safety first. Who knows if he would start coming at me with punches if I tried to intervene. I know I'm definitely not strong enough to hold him back or defend myself.

    However, if he was just verbally abusive, I would definitely call him out on it. I've done it several times before. Being a victim of mostly verbal bullying myself, I know how much words can hurt. So, only then would I do something about it.

    So really, I understand the people who didn't do anything about it. It's basic human psychology, most of us want to put our own safety and well-being first. It's incredibly normal not to speak up in a situation like this, because you're afraid that you'll start getting the same treatment the bully gave his/her first victim.

    But yeah, I definitely understand the purpose of the video, and it really makes you think.

  • ummm it's pretty bad acting... I would have left to avoid a punch in the face incase they really were fighting... don't involve yourself with psychopaths! The one guy could of done something wrong your never know... so I would get out of there and call the cops if it seemed to be getting violent.

    • It's such a tricky situation to be in I mean I want to do the right thing but I would be scared shitless too. I really don't know what I would do I surprise myself something lol

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    • if there were others around I might yell "Hey" and alert the people around me. If there is school faulty around I would feel safer to say something. It's hard to tell if they are play fighting or joking... if the nerdy was really threatened he would scream and yell for help. saying "no stop" in a somewhat calm voice doesn't alert my attention.

    • i would definitely alert an authority if I saw a guy being attacked but I have to disagree with the last part of your answer; he doesn't need to scream out for help in order to grab my attention I can recognise when someone is distressed.

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