Ex Girlfriend Keep On Contacting me?

Hey guys I need help.. Me and my Ex girlfriend of 2 years broke up last October 15th.

She told me this:

"I'm sorry I'm doing this to you but I feel like I don't wanna go on anymore, I wish I can change things but I can't.. I wanted to be by my own no relations. You deserve better who's gonna give all you need.. You made me happy and you are great! It's not you, It's me. I will always be here if you need me. You will always be part of my heart"

So when she said that I didn't respond and leave the hell out of her alone. No Begging, No Pleading.. I Just disappeared and didn't contact her anymore.

She then contacted me last November 9

"Hi! how are you? I heard about the bad weather in your hometown is your family there ok? "

I replied the next day.

"I'm doing great and they are fine.. Thanks"

Then she didn't respond

Then she contacted me again last Thanksgiving November 28

"Happy Thanksgiving day! How are you? We haven't talk for so long. Hows your work? Update me :)"

I didn't reply this time and I feel bad.. but what does she want guys? I leave the hell out of her alone when we broke up and She didn't hear anything from me because that's what she wants but why she keeps on contacting me?

Truth is I want her back but I am not responding till she tells me she wanted to fix things.

Should I keep ignoring future text from her?


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  • If two people don't communicate, it won't be repaired and you WILL lose her forever, is that what you want?

    IF she did not still care, she would not at all be contacting you. So what's more important, your pride, or saving the relationship?

    Love isn't easy to find, so don't treat it like something on a shelf at a mall you can buy when it's cheaper.

    Respond, just be friendly, tell her you'd like to catch up, and go one step at a time. If you are nice to her, she might feel safe enough to tell you she wants you back in her life.

    • Thanks for you comments! The only reason I didn't wanna respond anymore is I think this time I needed to protect myself.. She might just be contacting me for ego boost or just gonna string me along till she finds someone else.. That's why it's hard for me to respond and I think if she wants me back she will say and be straight forward.

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    • I guess we have to put feelings aside and be more like it's a business deal and it's a negotiation, in a way. What I mean is, she wanted to talk. You put what you wanted on the table, she put what she wanted on the table. It's 2 different things, you're not on the same page, and there's the easy answer when we evaluate it without our feelings involved.

    • Hey thanks so much for helping.. It makes me feel better :)

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  • I agree she is playing head games. Just lay it out on the line and I know how hard this is but move the hell on! Your only hurting yourself. Move on, have some one night stands, and find someone who won't do this kind of stuff. It's not impossible to find. The game of love is hard and you will figure it out...

    Just don't let pigheaded game players like this do that kind of crap.

    • Thank you! Do you think she is not doing all this because she regret it?

    • She could regret it but I wouldn't let her do that. She needs go figure it out by learning from her mistakes. That's how adults should be

  • She clearly is reaching out to you. I'm sure she is expecting you to be feeling a little weird about her sinse she is contacting you all of a sudden after what she said to you in the past. I know she did not forget that you two broke up.

    The way you get to the point with her and figure out what she wants is to communicate with her yourself and I know that you know how to do this because you were in a relationship with her for 2 years.

    do not listen to outsiders because people outside of your bussiness/relationships will fuck you up and corrupt your mind and make you do something you could have avoided. You should always go straight to the person that you have the problem with.

    start out by saying

    "I have to admit, it is a bit odd hearing from you sinse you told me you wanted to end things. I am doing well but I'm wondering, what made you want to contact me all of a sudden?"

    and then she will answer and you can go from there.

    • Thanks for you comments! The only reason I didn't wanna respond anymore is I think this time I needed to protect myself.. She might just be contacting me for ego boost or just gonna string me along till she finds someone else.. That's why it's hard for me to respond and I think if she wants me back she will say and be straight forward.. If she had the guts to tell me it's over I think she will have the guts to tell me she wants me back. What you think?

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    • I feel like I just need to heal first before we can be friends. I mean if I still have feelings for her then we are friends then suddenly he met someone.. How does gonna make me feel? I think even worst and it will give me a lot of setbacks and pain.. you are right about me being young.. I think I just live my life right now and don't worry about someone who doesn't even want to be with me.. I think I would just ignore her again and start doing No Contact for me to heal.. Thank you so much!

    • i wish the best for you. Good luck!

  • Just don't contact her at all wait til she contacts you again she will just give her time. Goodluck your doi g everything right if you want her back.

  • No don't respond to any message shd sends u. Leave it a wk to respond by then houl have a lot of message from her then you can gage how she feels. Trust me this works a little manipulation nevet hurts lol

  • I personally would say me and my ex went thorugh the same thing. I broke up with him because I felt he was distancing himself and he just wasn't acting like himself. Just like you when we broke up he didn't respond to my text. we had no contact for 2 months. In the second month I tried contacting him back because I missed him and I still love him, he never responded. He finally texted me back saying he missed me and he was sorry for not responding, he said he was really hurt. So from than we've been talking again but haven't made it official again, at least not yet. So I don't know maybe she does regret it, and the ignoring thing is a killer, just speak your mind.

    • Thanks for the response. If you broke up with him and you want him back, why are you not telling him?

    • Well like I said he was ignoring my calls and text , so I couldn't do it at the time. But now that we are talking again, I've told him that I missed him. Were just taking our relationship slow right now, just hanging out and catching up like old friends.

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