Should I get back together with him?

Well we had a clean breakup I think no one was angry at anyone he had moved away and we just drifted apart. But now he's back and I think he wants to get back together... The only problem is even though our break up was clean we did have a few issues. Like lying to me little white lies but still and him being over dramatic it was like I was the guy in the relationship and he was the girl but he seems more mature now. My Best Freind hates him and says to forget him but isk I mean I think I should give it another chance. Thoughts?


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  • Why do you think you should give it another chance? Why do you think he seems more mature? What would he lie about?

    • He was always very sweet, and I can tell he's more mature because of just the way he acts towards me and other people her lie and tell me he was at home when really he'd be out partying

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