Signs a girl is cheating?

Guys, if you've ever been cheated on, looking back, what were some of the Tell tale signs that a girl might be cheating?

Girls, no judgements, but if you have cheated in the past, if you look back, in what ways did you act differently? What are some things you did leading up to it/after the fact?


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  • When the girl gets silent . Doesn't act the way she used to with you. Doesn't touch you the way she use to.. That is the most obvious action. She starts pulling away . It means you are losing her. Win her back before she cheats. And FYI a girl cheats when she's not getting something she needs from the relationship


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  • if they start acting different with you, that is normally guilt setting in, also, some girls cheat just because they are horrible people, don't mean you did anything wrong :3


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