Better friend with ex than we were in a relationship?

Is it normal to be friends with your ex, call almost daily, and both have same opinions, like we both do not want sex out of a relationship.. and we after 3 months still have no one so we decide to have sex tomorrow together... I do not get it, we can't live without each other, but when we dated we argued.. now it is much this normal?


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  • Maybe you guys moved too fast that's why it didn't work. Cause now that you guys are actually taking the time to get to know one another, he is having patience and isn't expecting a lot from you? Did you ever think of that?

    Heres another example.

    On a scale, stage one is just meeting someone and stage 10 is marriage.

    You guys went from one to 10 in amatter of min before, and just fought and fought and fought cause you guys didn't take the time to go through all the other numbers which your going through now. Get it?

    Take your time, it might make you guys stronger and who know, you will most likely end up back together.

    • this is definetely an answer I did not expect :) and you have a great point.. there was this time we told each other that we felt like we were together for 20 years.. You have a point, and the time the both of us have is doing better for both of us, and that is fine :) thanxs :)

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  • A sense makes the heart grow fonder?

    Your relationship probably got stale and boring and you resented each other for it. Time apart makes you connect better.

    If your committed t the breakup I'd say don't go have sex. It'll only complicate thngs


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  • no its not really normal, but it does happen and hats off to you


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