Texts me for sex?

Okay so I had this very toxic relationship with an ex of mine. It was very very bad. Anyways I finally got out. But, to this day, she still texts me to go bang her...? Why?... I mean the sex was out of the universe mind blowing, but she doesn't want a relationship with me. So why have sex with me?...

Like I don't understand the purpose... She doesn't wanna marry me, doesn't wanna be with me, yet wants me to bang her. Why not save that for someone that you wanna marry and be with..? Am I not making sense here?.. I know its free Vijay, but honestly, its not fulfilling if she's not with me, I'm sorry but it isn't. Not to me at least.. Can someone help me out here and figure out what's wrong with this girl?.. Or me?...
Something I forgot to include. We have been broken up for like 3 years now. And for the past 3 years, this is all I get from her all the time. Just sex. No further talks of being with me, no nothing. Just always wants me to bang her, and that's all. Like I don't get it..


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  • Well It makes perfect sense though I get why you can't see the big picture... she's already had sex with you so obviously when she feels lonely she wants something familiar to fill that void in her life.

    You clearly want to be with her which is why you don't feel satisfied with just having sex with her. Most men would enjoy being used by a woman and if that is not the case with you two then I would stop it now. There is nothing wrong with you or her.. both your actions are completely normal. She's only doing this because you allow her to. Having sex with you, I'm sure, is safer for her both physically and emotionally. It's much better than a one night stand.


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  • it sounds to me like you two have different values on the importance of sex.

    for her she just wants it and doesn't necessarily need a commited or loving relationship. it's more a casual satisfaction of a human need... Whereas you seem to value sex in a loving relationship over just casual flings.

    I don't think there is anything wrong with you two just two different people with different desires and needs

  • She's probably just horny, depends on what you can cope with... I've done it with exs in the past because I knew what was going to happen and that way I was never going to be fully attached. If I thought I might end up liking them again over it I'd not be happy to do it.

  • She just wants to get fucked. If you don't want just that, tell her to piss off.


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