Does he dig it or not?

So ill try to make this quick: I lived with a guy for a few months for work. After a bit we started sleeping together and I never asked/wanted a relationship. He even brought it up and I assured him I wanted nothing like it (he seemed to be freaking out so I wanted to calm him down extra well). But I have been around him enough before to know he treats me different than the others. He's kinda a jerk but he's always been more than protective/supportive/nice and more to me. Heck I had a preggo scare and he still talks to me now with no grudges. He even offered to fly me out to see him last time he visited. We talk for hours when he comes over- the sex is such a small part of our time together, it always has been. But I am now torn between my feelings for him and pushing him away. I care about him, a lot and I do think he cares about me but the situation would be awkward (20 year age gap, he's pretty important to our company) but I guess here what should I do? I broke down and told him how I feel but I want to take it back and have my friend again. I'm lost but I can't help but think he does care for me but won't admit or pursue it? Am I just another pathetic pining damsel in distress or is there any conceivable notion a guy could get over his fears of commitment/loss? I feel silly any feedback of any sort is greatly needed please!


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  • If he didn't reciprocate then you have your answer. If he's 20 years older he knows what he wants out of life. If it was you you'd know it. I don't think you will get your friend back. He's kind of a jerk and only wanted sex. If he wanted more you would have it.


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