Girls who stay with cheating boyfriend or spouse. Are they delusional?

I have seen so many questions about cheating problems here and I am surprised knowing the fact that so many girls willing to tolerate their cheating partner.Also when I look at the girls answers or advice here some of them even feed the question asker saying that the guy just want sex from the other girl and he probably still love her.I mean wtf? If he loves you he won't betray or slept with other women to begin with and if he just wants sex why don't he just use his girlfriend instead of other girls? What is wrong with all these girls? Don't they have brain to think logically?


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  • I'm completely in agreeance with you. If they cheated get rid of them no second chance they fucked up if they cared they wouldn't of. But it's hard. It's not being brainless it's avoiding that heartbreaking feeling hoping that the person they love just made one stupid mistake and it'll never happen again.


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  • nothing wrong with them. girls can't help their feelings. its just not that easy for us. guys want to be a girls first but girls want to be a guys' last but I geuss it doesn't always turn out like that. sometimes girls try to convince themselves that the guy will change for them after they have seen how they hurt her. its all just so stupid!


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