I have a social anxiety problem

I will try and explain my huge story as easy as possible. From the beginning when I was a kid my mother died of cancer at age 5 but I was never really affected by it. Some how my emotions inverted at that age that instead of being sad for the rest of my life I become someone even more, it's like this is destined for me to become someone. I then moved to California and made tons of friends.

I was full of personality and through all of middle schools I was always that super popular kid that all the girls chased after. And I was very talented in lots of stuff, more than average kids. I was really someone and my best friend Jesse and I were like brothers. We did everything together we started making movies and were very popular on Internet. Then for some reason I moved all the way to the country because of my dads job. That's when I completely shutdown. I moved from everything, my life, at age 15.

For the last 5 years I have literally been alone and in fear. I went to a really tough school with mean kids and had a total change in my life. It's like I went into the twilight zone, literally and everything was horrible. I became lonely and stayed in my room for years. I was like a rock star with a burning desire to achieve so much and wanted to but I was being kept from it. Then I move back out to my home in California having a chance to reconnect with everything and star were I left off. But I fear of being who I am, my true self and that ill lose my talent. S I stay hidden.


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  • You can't loose your talent if that is who you are so just take little steps towards what you want to achieve and you will end up where you want to be. You just take your own time :) and you'll be sweet!

  • You need to just tell yourself that if you truly want to be that person you once were, you have to go out there and SHOW people. Try being part of a group. Make a few friends, get into some hobbies they like, etc.


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