I told my ex to leave me alone after the break ups so I can get over him. How would you feel?

I told him to leve me alone very nicely. I added the happy faces even in the text.

Honestly, how would you feel.

It was a mutual break.

I'm going to boston u, he's going to oxford in England.
  • I'd pity her. She liked me so much.
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  • I'd feel that she's mature and communicates honestly.
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  • I'd be angry. Why can't she be friends.
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  • I'd want to manipulate her somehow. Maybe string her along.
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  • See answer/never had bf/gf
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Most Helpful Guy

  • I would feel upset if I were him, because obviously he's still trying to get back with you...but really his feelings aren't important if you're doing the right thing.


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What Guys Said 3

  • We all need our space and a chance to move on ... I would respect her as I would want the same (with hopes in the future that we could be friends if it was a clean break up and no issues).

  • Um, where is "Sad"?

    • Why "sad"? Like sad I'm pathetic or sad like you'd feel sad because you'd miss her (ie me) too?

      Thanks for the comment :-)

    • Sad because I'd miss her. All of your poll options seem vindictive.

  • Depends how much I loved her. I would try and respect her decision and not message her again if that is what she wants.


What Girls Said 1

  • When a relationship of mine ends. I don't remain in contact with them because the relationship is over.


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