So, is it time to move on after this?

There's my female friend which I hope to be my girlfriend for awhile. We're gamers and whatnot and we were playing Last of Us online together. She used to yell at me when I am doing bad but I took it in because I like her. We are also playing a mobile game she thought I was lying when I didn't figure her drawing out because my drawing she couldn't figure out and she commented on it and thought, I was getting back at her. After telling her about the yelling, she thinks I'm being defensive, offended and playing the victim.

I hardly ever offended because I listen to metal and listen to lyrics with Satanic/Anti-Christian lyrics.

So, do you thing I am playing the victim?And do you think this is the sign to move on and find another woman?

Henceforth, I was ALWAYS nice to her.


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  • Yes it is


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