Ex still around after almost two years?

My ex boyfriend and I broke up about two years ago, We ended the relationship in amicable terms. There was plenty of love still, but we were just in different chapters in our life at that moment. ( he wanted to get married and I did not) I wanted to travel and finish school. Anyway we have stayed in touch since the break up texting each other almost every day. A few months ago I told him that we should give the relationship a second shot , but he was apprehensive because he said He was afraid I would leave him again. He was not ready for that yet again as he is much older than me ( by 12 years) he said he still loved me but was not sure getting back together would be wise. He told me he was confused and that he had been trying to figure it all out since the break up (his family does not like me because they think I left him) I told him he needed to cease all contact with me then, he did. The no communication lasted about 5 months. He has recently began texting me again.. I do not know what to make of it. Should I ask him for coffee? I need some insight !


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  • Most likely he's decided to give things another go-round. It sounds like he is the slow deliberate type, not impulsive, or he wuldn't have stayed in touch for so long without reaching a decision.

    He wouldn't be contacting you casually; he must have made up his mind to overcome the fear of rejection.

    If you're over the need to travel and ready to settle down, ask him to get together and talk it over.


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  • You do need to have coffee with him. There's much to discuss.


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  • Have your life choices changed or have his cause otherwise just get rid of any idea of it. Ask him for coffee and talk to him about it.

    • I am ready to commit now. I made a comment to him about it. He knows that I am.. I don't know. I still love him but do not want to put myself out there again only to get shot down. Guys could be very confusing...

    • Well here's a simple way to look at it.

      Do you really care about the guy?

      Do you want to be with him?

      Will you regret never taking a chance?

      If you answered yes then you have to try cause as much as him possibly rejecting you sucks at least it's over quickly but regretting it can last for years

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