Does my crush like me?

When we were freshmen, him and I had one class together. He sat next to me because we had assigned seats but our tables were separated so we have never talked. He always had his head on the table during that class and he'll be facing my direction. However when I turned to look at him, his eyes were always closed, so he probably wasn't staring at me.

Sophomore year arrived and he dropped that class, which meant that we didn't have a class together anymore.

He's part of the student council who was on duty and he had to catch the pupils who were late for assembly after lunchtime. In my school, we have to assemble in the hall and sit in rows with our classmates everyday after lunchtime. Even though I was 10 minutes early, and there were so many people at the entrance of the hall, he said this to me ''(insert my name here) go to your class'' with a smile on his face. I replied ''OMGGG YOU REMEMBERED MY NAME EVEN THO WE'VE NEVER TALKED BEFORE!'' but I only said it in my head, so nobody except me could hear it. Basically I didn't say anything back to him. Plus, his friend quickly talked to him after my crush said that to me.

Ever since that day, my crush has been staring at me a lot. And whenever I catch him doing that he was never the first to look away. Sometimes it was me who initiated the eye contact first, and I'll quickly look away whenever he caught me.

He's a junior now and I'm still a sophomore because I had to restart sophomore year due to bad grades. In my country, students who do not meet the passing rate have to restart a year in high school.

Besides staring at me, there was also once where he was on the phone with someone and he saw me walking by. He then leaned onto the wall with the right side of his body in a very ''act cool'' manner. I was the only girl in that room.

On another day he was walking behind me. When he got to my right side, he did a fake cough so that I will turn my head to see who it was. Then he proceeded to walk in front of me and while he was walking he started to fix his hair.

Around July this year, I went to school with contacts (I used to wear glasses), and he was staring at me even more than before. So do you think he likes me back?


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  • You should tell him how you feel, because if you he'll slip away before you know it and he'll be gone. If he likes you back he will probably let you know that. (That's what I would do.)


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