My boyfriends cousin may or may not like me?

I've been through a really rough patch in my relationship lately and I don't know what started all of this. We have a baby together and I have two others with someone else. We broke up and got back together after baby was born. I wasn't the greatest girlfriend to him in the past I'll admit. But I moved very far away from my home to where his family stays. And I've been being treated with more disrespect and accusations over nothing ever since I decided to live here. Also the isolation and feeling alone because he's on his computer or iPhone all day. Or sleeping. That doesn't help. But it seems like one of his cousins. Whom I've grown close to (and I've taken a liking to how he treats me kindly and with respect) also noticed how my man ignores me and actually saw me stranded at a store with no phone and nowhere to go because of my boyfriend. I tried my best to keep my feelings on the DL but one day when I was alone in our room and my boyfriend was in the other room with my phone of course. I wrote in my journal about my feelings. And he read it while I was gone to the grocery store..I felt violated but he made me feel like I was wrong. He told his cousin the same night about my feelings for him..and I was so embarrased. Next day we still hang out together and actually go out..I tried to ignore that last night and just have fun. My boyfriend still kind of ignored me and I found myself alone for a while staring at my phone. Then his cousin comes up to me and asks me if I want to eat. There was food there. Then when I was alone again he still talked to me and playfully took my phone away and slipped it in his pocket in front of my man. Course he didn't see. Things he said when he was mad at him like..i can't see why your still with him. My ex would've left me if I did this to her. I don't know if he was just feeling bad for me or if he actually liked me. Is he usually considerate to all his cousins baby mamas? Idk..but I knew better then to laugh with his cousin or talk with him a lot in front of my man since he knew how I felt..but still got accused. As if I cheated or something. Last time his cousin came by my boyfriend was in the bathroom. His Because came in and asked me if we wanted to go eat with him and grabbed my baby for a little bit. My boyfriend came out in a rage and accused me of flirting. When I know I wasn't. Had to embarrass me again and said 'why don't you take her. She wants to go with you anyway.' He just told me to grab my baby and said he'll go eat by himself..after all that he deleted me off Facebook..and now I feel like an obsessed girlfriend that can't leave him alone. Even though I don't talk to anyone..sigh. And I'll eventually have to face his cousin again...great
Btw I am not trying to pursue anyone :) I like my mans cousin as a friend. If you haven't been in a controlling type or abusive relationship don't be an ignorant little b*tch and tell me I'm so wrong and so crappy. Thanks ;)


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  • I think you would benefit from being single for at least a little, I mean, it seems like the whole situation is kinda stressed the way it is, maybe some time alone would be good?

    • Yes time alone is actually awesome for me. Unfortunately he is always by me. But I do go for walks alone to get away. It's nice

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  • You need to stop being a crappy girlfriend and stop having children with people you are unsure of. Somewhere between 18-24 years old with 3 kids, 2 baby daddys, and now trying to pursue a cousin..there's something wrong here and I think it's you.

    • Dumbest answer. Ever

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    • Yes obviously I wrote that in my journal. But I was not this crappy to him in the past and when I was he treated me with more respect then! And trying your best to give advice? Really? Telling me I deserve to get treated like shit when all I've been doing is being a loyal and good woman. People change for the better. I'm just not going to let some stranger hiding behind their computer screen tell me complete bullshit. What you expect. 4real

    • I've known that guy for almost 2 years. Wasn't until all the bs started that I got closer to him. It's the idea of what he told me he would never do compared to what he saw his cuzin doing, that's what I was attracted to. I made a mistake he got even if anything. But when I'm trying my best to be here for him? Being away from my family and somewhere I ain't familiar with. Yeah yeah it was my choice right? Try being a little more helpful next time

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