How Do I know If My Ex Boyfriend Is Serious About what He says?

So my ex and I have been on this crazy roller coaster even after are relationship ended too. Now! what I mean ABOUT crazy roller coaster ride, both of us.. him and I just don't know if we really can work again or not. I like him and he likes me, but were just both unsure if it can work again-- but the bad part about it is. I really don't want it to be a physical thing, because all we did was make out- go out to places and eat - and later make out some more- and on a good day have sex. That Not really a relationship or begin friend's. And sometimes it's like that still... but not as much going out/hanging out- he'll call me when he wants a hook up- or don't have any body to go with him. Sometimes I go and other time's I won't sometimes he'll ask and other time he won't. And I'm cool by what ever he feels- but also are feelings been running deep for each other well I know mine have-- but I'm just unsure about his. Now we did have a talk about what's going on and what we feel like it's best to do.. is just remain good friend's. And I HAD ASKED HIM why did you tell me this stuff for?... and he said he just wanted to share it with me and I said Umm ok-- and what he was saying sounded good and all. But I did ask him how do I know what your saying is the truth- because he tells me one thing and then the next something else. So he said I guess is for me to believe him that all. But I don't know we kinda hurted each other-- but he was the one the broke it off with me-- he had his reasons and I give him reasons as well so that I don't blame. But also he had a choose to stay or go but he left.. So now he wants me back and I do to. But I don't know so Dose anyone no? thanks


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  • I think you need to decide what you really want for yourself.

    If you want this give him another chance and try to make this work out you need to do a couple of things. First you need to make it clear exactly what you want so there is no confusion. You also need to find out exactly what he wants. Then you both need to go over what went wrong before and what you are BOTH going to do to avoid it happening again.

    There needs to be boundaries and open communication from both of you. If one is pulling more weight than the other, its not going to work. If you are both unclear about your desires or feelings, its not going to work. Its important in the beginning you tell him you want to take it slow to be sure he's serious. Spend time together, do things together other than sex. If he's willing and sticks around, he's serious.

    If you aren't interested in giving this another try you need to stop all contact with him. Don't respond to texts, delete them right away, don't answer the phone or call him, avoid him when you're out doing things, don't look at his Facebook or whatever. Just stop all communication. You need to do this to move on. Really he needs it too so he can get the hint you're not going to be something he can fall back on and he's going to have no choice but move on himself.

    • Thanks :)- and yeah we dated three different times already . And there was no hope... now he did say that he was willing to work on things and he has asked me before what do I think when wrong. So we have talked about this stuff. But then again.. we just decided. to be friends. for now until we know what it is that we want like you said. But thank you :)

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