Best and/ or worst breakup story?

What is your best and/ or worst breakup story? I know most or all breakups are hard but some breakups your expecting it to be world war three and it turns out fine. And then others can be like world war three..

My best breakup was when my recent ex and I broke up. We met up and talked for a while, we realized we weren't going anywhere further in our relationship and decided to end it. We parted by giving each other a hug and a kiss and we said we loved one another. The end ha ha


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  • Best breakup story, in short:

    Me: Ok, I've had enough. I want to end this relationship.

    Guy: No.

    Me: Nuh-uh. I've given you too many chances and I'm done.

    Guy: I don't want that.

    Me: Well then what do you want? For us to start over? (sarcastically)

    Guy: No, to pretend today didn't happen and for us to carry on.

    LOLOLOL needless to say his attempt at completely negating the breakup and pretending nothing happened just made me even more certain he's a goner! Seriously though when he said that, I was so baffled...what an idiot. Luckily this was two months ago and he hasn't contacted me to "resume" just yet.

    • I mean it's funny in retrospect, but the way he would completely ignore the things I said like I never said them was what killed us. And for him to even ignore "I want to breakup" and push through with his own wishes just made me think "wowwww".

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