Cried in front of my ex boyfriend - help.

Basically we dated for 10 months - been apart for 2

We have started hanging out quite a lot lately - I really think he is putting in a lot more effort. But at the same time I am very scared to get hurt again

Last night we were cuddling (Nothing more or anything) and I just started to get really nervous because I am just very confused in the situation

I started crying a little bit (Not hysterical or anything) Just explaining that I am scared to be used/get hurt again

I feel like an idiot for crying - What do you guys think he thinks of me now?

Should I regret showing this weakness - Please help!


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  • He needs to see/know/understand how he's made you feel and he won't know unless you do show your feelings. Now if he's a good guy who truly cares for you, he will respect your need to rebuild trust, so take things SLOWLY and don't worry - one day at a time.


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  • I think it's okay to show weakness, it's what makes you human. In a relationship there has to be every kind of emotions and sharing with that person is what builds a relationship. If he accepts and shows that he is weak too, I think it would be great. It's okay to be scared! and he should understand how you feel and accept it. He would take it slowly and he will heal the hurt he has caused. It's all my opinion! I hope it helps!

  • Everything will be okay.


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