How do you fix an almost-breakup?

When you almost breakup with someone, or they almost break up with you, but you decide not to, how do you mend things? How long does it take?

The case isn't that he didn't WANT to, he just got scared about certain factors in our relationship and he doesn't know what to do about having a girlfriend in his life cause he's going through a lot. How do you fix an almost break up?


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  • On his side, the problems that almost brought about the breakup seem to still be lurking beneath the surface. They should be addressed before this happens again. One way to assure him is to find ways to show yourself to be more of an asset than another source of stress. Most particularly if you can help relieve some of that stress in practical or supportive ways. On your side, you need to find your way past any doubts about whether he cares enough about you. Since he did the almost breaking up, there isn't anything to fix about that itself if you are over any hurt from it. Then you're back to considering what to do about the source of the problems.


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