Idk whether to leave or not. may you voice your opinion?

For a year I been dating and living with my boyfriend. I been always trying to get him to stop answering his ex but he continue to do so. His ex still loves him. He said she's crazy he don't want her and don't worry about her. She be calling and texting as if she's doing it on purpose because she know I'm here with him. He had her blocked but somehow she got unblocked. In August I talked him into filing a harassment report. He refuse to follow through with it. she even claim to know where he stay at and she said she been over. Now I have some of his female friends following me on Instagram, but nobody interact with me nor speak with me. He refuse to put our pictures up so his ex can see us. I'm the only one posting our relationship on the internet. he said he don't want people in our business. He post other female pictures on his social media. He will not stop answering his ex nor will he change his number. he won't give up his ex information or anything. she calls/texts as she pleases. He say he blocks the numbers she calls him from but I later found out she is only on his reject calling list. On Instagram there is nothing about us on his page. I do all the work. He don't text when I'm around but he be answering. He told me he answer her so she can stop calling him. I'm confused in all this. He said she obsessed over d*ck. I talked to him about this before. He said she crazy.


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  • "Somehow she got unblocked" - Because he had unblocked her.

    He likes the attention that she's giving him.

    Guys love to stick their d-ick in crazy. Haha

    I suggest you leave. From what he's doing, shows how much he cares about your relationship.

    He's being VERY sketchy and obvious too.

    • I seen a text that she sent that said she's doing this because she don't give a f*ck about me. He said she was just a f*ck to him

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    • She haven't mentioned sex but he said that's how this happened. He told me 9 different stories and you right I gotta leave

    • Then don't question it anymore and leave.

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  • yeah, he's playing you and her pretty well. I know the type, they keep a foot in two boats in their relationships. You live with him so that's complicated, but you have to leave. You don't want to be involved with people like this, they'll hurt you.

    • How is he playing the both of us? She know about me and they not together at the moment

    • She knows more about my business and they not together so how is he playing her

  • Personally, I feel that he just wants to avoid that drama. Not sure about other guys, but I don't do crazy. That said, depending on how long this has been going on, you might have to talk to him again, nicely but firmly and ask him to make a decision.

    • Did you read this? And it has been going on for a year

  • "somehow she got unblocked"? Sounds like he's probably seeing her. I'd dump him. He seems to like crazy, despite him saying otherwise. I'd be proud to post pictures of me and my girl, if we were dating. Dump him like crazy - the crazy he is!


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  • Omg you asked this 3 times already. If your gonna keep defending his behavior don't bother asking advice because your not gonna like what you people have to say. We see that he is allowing this and your in denial.

    • what people*

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    • Your gonna say whatever sounds better.Look I'm telling you he still sees her.There would be no other reason she still calls or texts.If that did happen then you got with a guy who wasn't over his ex and still isn't.Because he allows it.So you make up your mind.

    • that's true

  • I suggest you leave! He obviously doesn't care about you or the relationship. He is still seeing her and he is making that pretty obvious.


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