Ex boyfriend potential recovery?

so I had been dating this guy in my class for 2 months and during the last 2 weeks we didn't see each other much which led into a state of us "ignoring each other a bit". We talked after some time and he told me was unsure because he loved me very much and wanted to go on with the Relationship but he was afraid that it would come back to a state where we ignored each other. I was kinda depressed so I lost my temper a bit and told him I felt he was playing with my heart and if he wanted to make an effort as well to help the Relationship get on a better foot, he'd have to prove it to me otherwise I told him "never to come near me again". That ultimatum obviously was a mistake on my part because he started ignoring ME for about a week until we sat together in class and reconnected a bit. The next day, I spoke to him, apologizing for the harsh way I spoke to him etc... and I asked him his opinion. He said he didn't know very well what was going on, so I suggested we "take a break" from each other as friends and only friends (and he agreed with me insisting on the fact that we shouldn't ignore each other because we have exactly the same personalitiesand we understand each other) and maybe rebuild a Relationship, and have a fresh start. When I asked him what he wanted he said he wanted that... I'm wondering; is there really any chance to get back together? And if so how should I behave with him,to make it happen?
by the way during the break up he did tell me he loved me so...


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  • Well ultimatums or emotional threats are never a good thing and using them does damage. If you want to give this a chance, show him that he can trust you not to do something like that again. Just be a close friend and let things develop naturally. He seems to still have feelings for you so all it really takes is showing him he doesn't have to be afraid to express those feelings.


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  • Be patient and see what happens.


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