Is he as in love with me as I am with him?

Last year when I studied abroad in Italy I met this guy that I completely fell for. We had an instant connection and even he said he felt like we were connected somehow. When I left, he would still keep in contact with me and ask me about my day and everything. Last weekend I went back to Italy again after not being there for 15 months and right the whole week before I arrived he was anxious for my arrival and even said he would pick me up from the airport and everything. He hung out with me and my friend and he was just the cutest. Seeing him again just made it known to me that I really think he is the love of my life. On my last day in Italy, I texted him saying it was my last day and he told me to stay put and took a bus and two metros to come see me. He then took me to a really beautiful and romantic restaurant and wouldn't let me pay. We had the best time and laughs and conversations together and when it was time for me to go, he went all the way back with me at my hotel (even though it was even farther away for him) to help me get my things and then he called a taxi for me and told the driver what airport to take me to and everything. Then after he paused and looked at me and said "well this is it..." and he gave me the sweetest hug ever and then he kissed my cheek..then I looked up at him and he kissed me, but it wasn't a full makeout, it was a few sweet closed mouth kisses..and then when I was about to go in the cab I looked at him and he pulled me back towards him and kissed me again in the same way. I smiled and told him he had some lipstick on his lips and he smiled and said "i'll wear it!" :) then he told me to call him when I got home so he knew I made it safely. When I got home I texted him saying "thank you so much for today! I'm happy I got to spend my last day in Rome with you." and then he responded "I'm so happy about today! Let's hope we see each other again soon..." and that was it. Then on Facebook he changed his cover photo to something super sweet of two people in love and he made his status "if a road has many obstacles, it is probably because it's the right one." and then he liked my friends album of us in rome together, then he liked my picture, and after my sister liked his status he liked one of her pictures. I am so crazy head over heels for this guy and I think he might be the one. Does it sound like he might feel the same way about me? We haven't talked at all after that day though, is he waiting for me to say something?


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  • don't over think it. just say what's in your heart


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