Whats going on with this girl or am I on something?

what does all this sound like?

Girl in work giving me the come on wasn’t gonna do anything about it ignore it as she isn’t long for this country.

This was OK in the car one day I looked at the girl and thought. “what the hell am I on girl into me me into her how can I not” this was OK I tried to get her sent her we messages etc one was “I try and ask you out but you are so beautiful my brain doesn’t engage my jaw properly with you about”

Bottom line she said there wasn’t any chance us getting together never had been this was is a complete lie I know when a girl into you and I ain’t that fully into myself to think most girls fancy/ in love with me.

All this was OK we work together went to work never was near her for a week or so but then comes a Wednesday we were maybe 6 feet away from each other she was with a mate and I know they were on about me you know this was OK I kept going moved from them then looked back and seen the girl stare at me looked away I did looked back and she was still staring.

Then on a Wednesday she came up beside me to do a job and I seen the way the girl was looking at me the same little glance sideways and the atmosphere wasn’t even a tense one to me more a light one.

This Thursday she said to the supervisor “he’s following me home and she feels scared of me” which I wasn’t I follow that route daily to see my father and she knows this but this week her mate goes home she would be alone and when the supervisor said well I bounced at the supervisor as anyone would I offered to take some days off until they go.

I have the feeling the girl is mad about me maybe even in love with me and scared but with this latest stunt I do not know see when I was trying talk to her alone I couldn’t get a word out of her with her friend being there she wouldn’t shut up I mean I was stunned how fast she talking can this be true she scared she be heart broken next week can anyone help me please my minds melting.

Should I just wait and hope the girl mails me when she goes home which I think maybe hope she will


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  • Sorry. From what you wrote, I think he and has no interests in you and already moved on. So should you. Good luck to you.

    If you liked my answer or if I could be of any help, please vote me as BA. :) Thank you! Merry Chrismas to all of you. :)


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