If you were me in this relationship would you leave?

I know I posted this several times already but I need more answers.

For a year I been dating and living with my boyfriend. I been always trying to get him to stop answering his ex but he continue to do so. His ex still loves him. He said she's crazy he don't want her and don't worry about her. She be calling and texting as if she's doing it on purpose because she know I'm here with him. He had her blocked but somehow she got unblocked. In August I talked him into filing a harassment report. He refuse to follow through with it. she even claim to know where he stay at and she said she been over. Now I have some of his female friends following me on Instagram, but nobody interact with me nor speak with me. He refuse to put our pictures up so his ex can see us. I'm the only one posting our relationship on the internet. he said he don't want people in our business. He post other female pictures on his social media. He will not stop answering his ex nor will he change his number. he won't give up his ex information or anything. she calls/texts as she pleases. He say he blocks the numbers she calls him from but I later found out she is only on his reject calling list. On Instagram there is nothing about us on his page. I do all the work. He don't text when I'm around but he be answering. He told me he answer her so she can stop calling him. I'm confused in all this. He said she obsessed over d*ck. I talked to him about this before. He said she crazy. Well today she was texting him and he was responding. I was not mentioned. He was telling her how he is fed up and tired of her calling. He said he showed her picture to his family so when they see her they know to get her. I was fully not aware of pictures of her in his phone. He keeps on making threats but at first he said he knew where she stayed at now he claim he don't know. He even know her number and lied and said he didn't. Her responses to his texts indicated that he was doing that Because I'm there. he then later texted her asking her what was on her mind. He always tell me he's tired and sick of her and refuse to do anything about it


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  • If you want more answers to a question, feature it.

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  • I would leave that relationship. end of story


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