How to get more comfortable with this?

So I've been talking to this guy for a while and we can't be together right now due to distance. He makes it very known that he's attracted to me in pretty much every way and has basically told me that he thinks about me sexually as well. Obviously by now he knows me somewhat well and knows that I can be kind of shy. Whenever he starts talking more in terms of my looks or sexually or even just about being together in the future I tend to get more shy which he does pick up on and will kind of scale back what he's saying if he thinks it's making me uncomfortable or something. I don't mean to get as shy as I do sometimes but I'm just not used to this and I don't really like the attention being on me and I feel like it is when someone's talking about my looks or something. I want to overcome just immediately getting shy so do any of you have any advice as to what I can do?


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  • There's no quick fix to overcoming shyness, you've just got to gradually get used to it. Embrace it. If it makes you uncomfortable ask him to tone it down, but if its just cos you don't know how to accept the flattery, just appreciate it and move on :)


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