In a friends with benefits situation.. Can't stop thinking about my ex

I'm sorta seeing someone. More like a friends with benefits thing than a relationship. It's random when we get together & it's only sex. I don't want a relationship & neither does he. I've know him for years. & he just got out of a relationship too.

The problem is I cannot stop thinking about my ex. When I'm with this other guy, I wish it was my ex. The other night I slept with him & his face seriously looked like my ex to me. I had to look away. It's creeping me out. Is this normal? It's been about 8 months since the breakup. We were together 8 years. I've only been with this other guy a few times. My ex did reach out to me a few weeks ago via email but that's it. He left me for another girl. I'm trying so hard to move forward. No matter what I do I think about my ex. I thought seeing someone else would help but it's actually making me feel guilty...Seriously what's my problem?..


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  • You were together for 8 years so I think it is perfectly normal. I read somewhere that it takes you nearly half the duration of the relationship to get over it.


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  • It's perfectly normal, so don't worry too much about it. You're not in a relationship, so there's no need to feel guilty and in time you'll get over your ex.


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  • A FWB is not a boyfriend. So, you're not doing anything wrong thinking about an ex.


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