So we broke up/ Rebound.

I'll summarize it

My ex girlfriend had a thing with a guy I used to be friends with while we were on break. She regretted it all and soon I took her back.i realized I should have taken more time in fixing our problem and talking aboutbitbthen simply getting back together. .

The guy I used to be friends with was now her friend. I ended our friendship because of what he did and going behind my back like that. She told me they were friends and nothing more, but I knew he was after her and I didn't like the idea of then hanging out. This led to a lot of problems and soon it broke the relationship.

So he left for military for three months which was great Because we never fought and simply enjoyed each other. Then he comes and asks if were together and I'm mad for him asking that. He wouldn't lay off and that same day as I'm telling her I love her she says she wants to start this relationship fresh. A friends.

Of course I get mad...the so called friend is saying he loves her and then she says that to me. I felt so second place and I wish she would just tell me she was interested in him. I broke it off and took sometime to myself. Hung out with the bros, studies and anything I could to get her off my mind. I survived 5 days of this stuff until I had to talk to her. I shut off all communication with her so you wouldn't have Been tempted to talk to her. So when I did talk to her I told her, I wanted to start over as friends. Fix ourselves before even thinking of starting to date each other. I learned my lesson in trying to rush it.

But I recently found our she is datin this guy that I knew liked her I'm only guessing his a rebound and with him leaving in a few weeks their relationship will end. But I'm not trying to start anything with her until we fix us.

Is what I'm trying to do get us to a place where it is possible to get together again?

I know this is jumping everywhere so ask any questions.


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  • im a bit confused about your story, but I think I've got the right idea.

    it seems you already know how you want this to all play out on your side. you can't do anything about her side.

    • Yay, but right now I'm simply going to have to move on. As much as I love her I don't think it would work unless we talk and fix things between us

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