Ex is back in my life but what are her intentions? What should I do?

She broke up with me 3 months ago after having been together for two years. The source of our problems was trouble communicating due to lack of experience on both sides (both have had a troubled youth).

Last Friday she came over to drop something off but she ended up spending the entire day. We talked a lot and opened up like never before. We both feel like we're a lot closer now and we also flirted lightly and fed each other pieces of sushi (dinner).

She also initiated contact on Facebook after coming home and told me she was happy to have talked. Today we met up and had some dinner before she went home and I told her I was happy she could open up to me now and she told me I was special.

Every time I tried to hint at getting a date or anything like that she turned me down though. But I feel like that might change if I give her some time.

I think I'll go with the flow and see where we end up. Keep my expectations on a minimum and I hope we end up together again but I'm also fine with friendship. She's really special to me as we're both the only persons we feel really comfortable around.

I feel a little bit insecure (and don't like it) and don't want to push her. I feel like if I show this to her or if I push her I might mess things up. But I still don't wanna 'go down without a fight'.

I realize a lot of you have the opinion that an ex is an ex but I've seen exes get back together and work out fine before even if they've had worse problems then we had.

However I still want to know what you think is the best way of doing things here.


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  • I thnk you need space away from her for a while.


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  • Keep away from


  • I would distance myself.


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