What the heck just happened?

Ok so I just went through a bad break up and my ex was acting like he was totally over me, I cried and cried and I thought I would never recover. Finally he says look were never going to work, when I ended it with him in the first place. So I told myself that I needed to move on. The next day 3 guys have messaged me trying to hanging out and my ex calls me crying his heart out...DO WHAT! I had been single for 3 months and not one guy talked to me, now what do I do...get back with my ex, move on to a new guy if so which one, or just quite dating all together, which is what I am kinda leaning towards. HELP


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  • You need to sort this mess out.


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  • find a dating a profile, (Highly recommend Match.com) browse some hot photos of sexy men and move on from there.


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