It's Been A Year Since My Ex Dumped, But I Still Miss Her.

What can I do?

It's not like I can't get other girls. In fact, there have been several over the past year who have asked me out.

However, I am not into any of them.

I know my ex wants nothing to do with me, and I can't bring myself to ever contact her again.

Any suggestions of how to get over this?


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  • How do you know she doesn't want anything to do with you? I dumped my ex but I thought about him day and night for the next year.

    He begged me to stay friends, but then started ignoring me.

    Maybe she does still think about you, but her pride isn't letting her contact you? :)

    • Honestly, I do not know what she is thinking. I do know that there were a couple of events in the last few months that she avoided attending...presumably because I was there and with women who are my friends, but who my ex may assume I am dating. That tells me she wants nothing to do with me if she can't be in the same room as me.

      Thanks for your comment.

    • Nah not necessarily, I probably would have avoided as well, just for the awkwardness of it all and if we were to have a little intimate chat about our feelings, I would rather do that on our own than around a load of people.

    • Thanks, but if she wanted to reach out to me, she would have done so. I did not because she was the one who dumped me and she told me to back off. She was a bit friendly to me at first a few months after NC, post break up. But then she became cold to me when she heard I was socializing with women (I was not dating seriously). I was shocked and hurt, but maybe I should have expected it.

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  • think about another woman.

    • Thanks, but that is easier said than done. I do wish I could meet someone who could excite me like my ex did. Then I know I would be over my ex. I always get completely over a girl when I am concentrating on another one. However, I think my therapist wants me to get over her on my own.

What Guys Said 2

  • Moving on would be nice.

    Those women you met probably would have looked interesting to you if you weren't doing a psychological block on your ex.

    Take your time, but seriously add "I have to move on now" to your train of thoughts everytime you think about your ex.

    • I did date a ex found out about it and she became very cold and rude to me. Now, I am kicking myself for not waiting a bit more before being seen with women with her friends. But them, we are talking three months after the breakup before I was seen with other women. Maybe, I should have waited 6 months and made absolutely sure there was ZERO hope with my ex.

    • Stop putting yourself in her place. She was mad seeing you with other women ? It was her time to get back in touch. She didn't? Her loss. Dude, let it flow. Once you are sure you won't be back together, you can start to move on. And then you can date again, and you'll find someone good. We've all been through this once, so be courageous and do your man's work.

  • Therapy.


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