Why would he ignore me?

My ex that messed up the relationship I thought we were great no fighting lots in common. I did nothing wrong he's the one that left because he wanted booty.. That's my guess anyway. He broke up with me and every time he sees me he pretends I don't even exists I am invisable to him.. But we were best friends before we were even together..why would your ex boyfriend pretend your invisable when you haven't done anything wrong? Why would you do that? Ever happens to you? Why?


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  • This can happen to everyone. I assure you that many guys and girls do this, especially if they are still teenagers. What he's doing is definitely immature. Not everyone is like that, though, just keep looking and you'll find the right guy.

    I've found some awesome people myself, they're very rare, but their personalities are awesome. I hope you find some of those people too. Be careful and good luck!

    • Thank you very much :) I just wish he would grow up a little. I will try .

      I just hope the right guy is out there.

    • Oh, don't worry. There's plenty of awesome guys out there! A lot more than you can imagine.

    • :) that makes me feel better. I guess I am jut having bad luck right now. I hope to get a good one some day :)

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  • invisible*

    If you think he left for that reason, why do you even care? Just move on with your life..

    • I really cared for him but his drugs and friends were more important then I ever was, he treated me like a dog. It's still a fresh break up but I am trying my best to move on.

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    • Thanks.. That's what I thought myself. I have always been drug free and I plan to keep it that way.

    • there ya go =p

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