Girls please help! what's going on in her head?

This girl just got out of a horrible relationship a few months ago, her and her friends told me she likes me. She’s asked to go out with me 4 times and flaked every time! She told me she was to shy and nervous to meet me as she likes me too much, even though she’s gorgeous. She’s been going hot and cold on me recently but always replies to my texts, when I see her she flirts with me and we have kissed a few times when we were drunk. my question is what's up with her... does she genuinely like me? or is she just playing me? Or possibly testing me as she’s had a bad experience with her ex?


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  • It's hard to say. She could either:

    A) be very wary of starting a new relationship given her last one so flakes out last minute


    B) be playing you.

    I doubt she's doing it intentionally (I like to think the best of people), but either way she doesn't know what she wants and that's no good for you.


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  • hard to say... maybe she isn't ready... and having deeper feelings or letting you in scares her because she now knows that she has something to lose?


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  • Hard to tell, as you don't know how she feels about relationships at the moment.

    Four months to move on can be short depending on how long they stayed together.

    Be patient, or move on. Only a little time will tell.


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